Star Wars Lands in Minecraft

Minecraft has recently announced a new DLC pack with Star Wars-themed.

For players, it’s their chance to put hair up in two amazing buns as the Minecraft Star Wars DLC has arrived on their humble planet in the Minecraft Marketplace, in particular, said Minecraft. It added in the blog post that the pack consists of content from Return of the Jedi, A New Hope, The Mandalorian, and The Empire Strikes Back, so across 12 different planet dioramas, they needed to spread out all the galactical goodness.

As per a blog post from Minecraft, the pack includes a full bespoke texture set, a skin pack, a guide, mobs, UI treatment, items reskin, and even an authorized soundtrack. From the original trilogy, the content could be gotten. If you want to purchase it, then open the device you are using to play Minecraft and open up the Marketplace.

The map includes 12 planets to explore, including Endor, Tatooine, and Hoth, which are populated with characters, animals, and droids. There are a wide range of character skins, including Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, (obviously) Baby Yoda, and Han Solo. You can hurdle between the planets in hyperspace using starfighters; the blog post stated that you’d have the option to fly out of there in a TIE or X-wing fighter.

At its official site, it displayed a video with the blog post, and by watching this promotional video, it seems like that you’ll have the option to reproduce quite a few iconic Star Wars scenes, for example, on Cloud City, Luke and Darth Vader’s duel that is including even a Death Star.

Previously, Minecraft has delivered Star Wars packs; however, they generally contained skins. Some dedicated fans have additionally reproduced Star Wars in Minecraft, though the accomplishment took more than three years. It’s sheltered to state that this is the first opportunity Minecraft players have ever needed to encounter the Star Wars universe at this level.

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