Ransomware blaming for outage at US-hospital-chain

Important to know –

  • Reportedly, an apparent Ransomware attack has been hit.
  • It was for an outage at US hospital chain report says.
  • UHS staff said computer systems failed.
  • UHS staff used pen and paper after this system’s failure.
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According to a report of TechCrunch, an apparent ransomware attack hit to a Universal Health Services, health care provider, and one of the biggest chains in the US. UHS facilities in North Dakota, California, Arizona, Florida, and some other areas started seeing issues early Sunday, with certain areas announcing locked phone and computer systems. According to NBC News, Some UHS hospitals had to file patient information using paper and pen as the systems stopped working.

The hospital system in the UK and in the US has more than 400 locations, and on Monday, it said in a statement that across several facilities, its IT network was disconnected because of an IT security issue. According to the statement, no employee or patient data or any of the information seems to have been undermined, which did not specify any ransomware or malware.

The statement reads and explained that they are working diligently and execute extensive IT security protocols with their IT security partners so that they can restore IT operations as fast as possible and also, their facilities are using back-up processes in the meantime that are established including offline documentation methods.

For cyber attacks, Hospitals are regular focuses, and medical care systems are frequently not satisfactorily prepared for such attacks. A lady died Earlier this month during a ransomware attack on Germany’s Duesseldorf University Hospital when she must have been moved to another office. Most famously in 2017, hospitals over the UK were closed down after the WannaCry ransomware was released by North Korea over the globe. However, because of a cyberattack on health care facility that incident is accepted to be the first-ever patient death.

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