Ikea Smart Homes’ new Scene Support

IKEA’s smart home system is now being able to fill an important feature gap.The scene support in the updated Home Smart software has rolled out by Ikea. The new 1.12.31 firmware running in Ikea Tradfri Gateways’ owners can now configure wouldnow be able to arrange scenes to control a few Home Smart items without a moment’s delay, as Sonos-compatible Symfonisk speakers, Ikea smart lights or Fyrtur blinds. This latest update additionally supports the new Shortcut Buttons of Ikea which can be dedicated to executing individual scenes and once would be able to buy it shortly for less than $10 / €10.

Ikea smart homes now have scene support - The Verge

Ikea store back in January in both the Netherlands and Germany wrongly listed the Shortcut Buttons with a cost of €7.99 each. A listening or posting on Lithuanian store from Ikea presently costs the buttons at a price of €9.99 however displaying that no available stock.Once the scenes are updated, scenes will show up at the top of the Ikea Home Smart application in a dedicated section. The app suggests one scene is “All Off,” which can be designed to kill each Ikea light in the home while hushing each Sonos- compatible speaker.

Later on, to an Ikea Shortcut Button, such a scene could be appointed in the future that could be mounted close to the front door, such as, so anybody leaving home could tap it without expecting to release of an application or shout a Siri, Google Assistant voice order or Alexa.

It’s been one year since Ikea reviewed Shortcut Buttons and the two scenes, additionally showing a redesign to its excessively complicated and issue-ridden Home Smart arrangement process. While the pandemic may have crashed Ikea’s 2.0 plans, it’s acceptable and great to see that some improvement is being made, though gradually.

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